Is there a good reliable web host that exists?

asked Oct 3, 2012 in General by anonymous
I want to build an e-commerce site to sell audio products, as well as host audio, and visual media. I'm also thinking about having a blog and a live chat box (but they're not for definite yet).

I don't do web design, so I thought the web host option would be a good idea, but there are so many bad reviews for all the ones I've checked out so far (even the ones rated as being in the top 10).

Are all web hosts just 'a bit ****'?

What is the average cost for a website like what I've mentioned (if I got a web designer to do it)? Are there any good web designers and roughly how much would they charge? I only know quite amateur web designers unfortunately. By that I mean you can just tell as soon as you click on their sites that they're not that great, regarding appearance, and even the navigation aspects on some of them.

Ideally, I would have loved to just go for the web host option, but I don't want to run into loads of nightmares, like have been reported by loads of people. I just want what I'm asking for and for it to work, and would have thought that this wouldn't be too much to ask for if that's what web hosts advertise that they do.  

If anyone can help me I'll be grateful.



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answered Jul 2, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
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Let me try to answer your questions. Bad reviews don't always represent the true company standing - there are always pissed off customers and according the to the real statistics 8 out of 10 customers dissatisfied customers will leave negative review and only 1 satisfied customer out of 10 will leave the positive review.

The nature of your website concept makes me think that you may need to go with the VPS hosting which is in the range of $20-40/month. When on the other hand you can host your music files elsewhere like at the CDN (like MaxCDN for example) in combination with simple Shared hosting account at $2-4/month. Then it will all come down to your visitors per day. If you will have more than 3000 visitors per day right of day one, then you probably need to look at the VPS hosting. If you will gradually grow your audience, then you can start with Shared hosting, then upgrade to the VPS later. If done correctly the upgrades are usually seamless to your audience and won't bring your site down.

Shared hosting companies:
VPS hosting companies:

Now in regards to the properly getting your site up. You can go cheap, install wordpress, dress it up with some templates, some plugins and off you go, but really you need somebody who knows what they are doing. Successful online projects go through the following phases:

1) Concept. Document all the requirements
2) Usability. Making of the schematics of each page - what should be present and what should not be present to give your audience exactly what they need in the most simple form without any confusion to your users.
3) Design. Designer designs from the wireframes.
4) Development. Developers works off the Requirements Document, wireframes and implement the designs.
5) Testing
6) Go Live
7) Ongoing A/B (or Split Testing) of your revenue generating pages and optimizing them.

If you need I can provide more details of each step if you're interested.

Getting hosting for you is a simple task and not expensive at all. If you are talking about competitive music portal then you are talking few thousand dollars to develop it. Or you can always go the Wordpress route, learn and develop yourself step by step. Doing it yourself is always cheaper.

Hope this helps
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answered Mar 22, 2013 by John (180 points)
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answered Jul 2, 2013 by dualmind (500 points)
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answered Jul 2, 2013 by TheWorldServers (140 points)
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answered Aug 26, 2013 by eminempk (260 points)
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