Internal server error

asked Jan 18, 2014 in VPS Hosting by SunFun (3,000 points)
Hi all
I am getting the error message “Internal server error” when I try loading my website. Please not that I am using a VPS server. I use WordPress for my website and I checked and was told that this error has nothing to do with WordPress. Does anyone know how can I fix this?
Any suggestions are appreciated

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answered Jan 18, 2014 by WebProX (12,200 points)
check your website’s error log file to see what is causing this.
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answered Jan 18, 2014 by SmartHost (9,060 points)
This could be because your web server is using the phpSUEXEC  and suPHP or because you have php files directories or php files with insecure permission.  for directories use the permissions 755 and for the php files use the 644 permissions.