Importing Tracking in Magento

asked Jun 24, 2013 in E-commerce by reema40 (820 points)
Hi again
I don’t have programming skills and experience to make my own code. So I am looking for a simple and direct way to import tracking information in my Magento online store. Does anyone have any ideas where to start from?
Appreciate your support

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answered Jun 24, 2013 by TheRock (920 points)
1.From your Magento admin panel.  Go to  "System" -> "Magento Connect" and click on "Magento Connect Manager".
2.Log into your Magento Connect site, using your credentials. Now paste your tracking module extension key, then click "Install" to install the module.
3. Go back to Magento Dashboard. Go to Sales-> "Import Tracking".
4 . from the module's "Upload File Manually" or  "Upload file", select either "Upload" or "Choose File" to browse for your XML or CSV file containing the tracking information you want to import.
5.Go to "Save Config" set Magento to upload the tracking data from your XML or XML file.