How to use the Google Adwords module in Drupal 7

asked Jun 8, 2014 in Website Builder by philm (120 points)

I recently installed the Google Adwords Conversion Module into a client's Drupal 7 website. I configured the module with the information it requested. Unfortunately, it's not clear to me how to use it from there.

As you know, the Adwords conversion code needs to only go on certain pages not on every page on the website. (in this case, it needs to go on the thank you pages for several forms on the site). I can't figure out how to specify which pages the code should actually go on. Should this module be showing up as a menu item when I go to "Edit" for a particular page? That's what I expected, but it isn't the case.

I'd appreciate your guidance on how use this module. I got the information on this module from this forum.

Thanks for anyone who can help.


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answered Jun 8, 2014 by necser (8,230 points)
Hi Phil, there are 2 ways to setup Adwords conversion tracking.
1) Generate conversion tracking Cookie from Adwords by going Tools=>Conversions=>Create New. At the end you will get the code that needs to go into the html code of your Thank You page (the page that shows to the customer upon the approved transaction.

2) use new google analytics code. google analytics code is installed  on every page of your website - tipically in the footer.php file. If you are planning to use Google Analytics cose you need to tell adwords that this is the case and the Thank you page url. I think the setting is under Tools=>Conversions as well

Let me know if this is helpful or you need more info.
commented Jun 8, 2014 by philm (120 points)

Thanks for trying to help, but sorry, but that isn't what I'm looking for. I'm an experienced Adwords/Analytics user and know how to configure conversion tracking in a normal website.

The problem is I'm new to Drupal, which is MUCH, MUCH different than other website development tools. In Drupal it's not as simple as sticking code on an HTML page or in a header/footer include file.

The issue I'm having is getting the code on the proper page on the site. It appears this needs to be done via a specific module. I've installed that module, but I can't figure out how to properly use it.

I got this information from a previous question on this forum--the answer which I believe was provided by Ralph7?

I was hoping he or someone who knows Drupal can answer.