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How to Transfer Website?

Apr 27, 2015 by VargheseAbraham
I want to change my web hosting provider. How to Transfer Website from One Web Hosting Provider to Another?

1 Answer

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Apr 28, 2015 by ZNetLive
The process of website transfer from one web host to another is a very critical and lengthy process in itself and its context is very vast to be explained here in a few lines. But, still you can get a broad outlook of the process with the major points listed below.
The following steps show the major outline of the process. For a successfully website transfer, you need to follow these steps in the exact sequence with perfect execution to make sure that your website faces zero or minimal downtime.
1.     Purchase Web Hosting with a New Host
2.     Create Backup of your Website Files
3.     Upload Website Files to New Host’s Server
4.     Add E-mail Accounts to the New Server
5.     Test your Website on New Server
6.     Change the DNS Records
To get a detailed understanding of the process, you can read our blogpost – How to Transfer Website from One Web Hosting Provider to Another? https://blog.znetlive.com/how-to-transfer-website-from-one-host-to-another/

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