How to remove a Joomla viruse from my computer

asked Jun 26, 2013 in Website Builder by jomnew (2,180 points)
Lately I’ve been noticing strange behaviour in my Joomla websites. It comes and goes. I am suspecting it’s caused by a virus. My antivirus also found Joomla virus but was unable to remove it from my system. How do I remove Joomla virus from my computer?
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answered Jun 26, 2013 by JoomAp (5,660 points)
1.    Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open your task manage. From your task manager, go to the "Processes" tab. click  on the "wscript.exe" file and click on "End Process". This will stop Joomla viruses from running. Click  "Ok".
2  Go to start->Run and type “Regedit” to open the Windows Registry Editor. click on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and go to SOFTWARE > Microsof>Windows>Current Version> Run.
3.from the right side of your menu, click on "VirusMar" and depress Delete. This will prevent Joomla viruses from starting when you restart your system.
4.Go to Control Panel>Folder options and click on the text field to show the hidden files. Then close the window.
5. Open your C drive and go to the Window’s Directory folder. From there locate the file VirusMawar.js and delete it. Then go to C:/windows/system32/VirusMawar.js and delete the file from there as well.