How to move a website from a Godaddy server to my cPanel

asked Sep 1, 2013 in Shared Hosting by ross (850 points)
I am using Godaddy as my shared hosting provider. However I am having some issues. I am not able to use cpanel to migrate my account and it doesn’t let me archive anything  more than 20M. I am also not able to find any guides on how to move my website. It seems as if it’s impossible to migrate
Can anyone please help me out?
Any advice I highly appreciated
Many thanks in advanced

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answered Sep 1, 2013 by SmartHost (9,060 points)
1.Download  and install putty ssh client from
2.from your  Godaddy account go to the hosting  launch button. Take a note of you IP . Look for the setup SHH link and click on it and put in your phone number. You will get a call and you will be given a security code. Put  the code in your  Godaddy page. This will give u  SSH access.
3.From your Godaddy, look for  the SQL DB icon and click it.
4.Select backup to save a backup of your SQL DB. It will be saved in the _db_backups folder in the html directory.
5.Start the Putty app you installed. Connect to your site’s domain or IP address. Use your user and password to login.
6.You will get a command line. Type in the following: tar –zxvf mybackup.tar.gz html
This will make a full backup for your html directory.
7. Move the backup file to  html directory by typing the following: mv mybackup.tar.gz html then type quit
8.from your Godaddy account  open your FTP program. In your  html folder locate your backup file  mybackup.tar.gz and using your FTP program download the backup file  to your local machine.
9.Extract the file to your system.
10. Create a new account on your cPanel server.
11. FTP to the new server. then upload the backup file to the directory above the public_html directory.
12.From the IP 2082 login to your new cPanel account setup new databases, and then import the data from the backup copy you extracted . Add the user to the database with all required  permissions
13.Using phpmyadmin  open the database and import the .sql file.
14.Go to your website config files in the extracted copy and  change them to your new settings .
15. When  the mybackup.tar.gz is done uploading, go to your putty program, and log in to your new cpanel
16.Look for the backup file and enter the command:  tar -zxvf mybackup.tar.gz then type quit
17 from your FTP program login to your new cPanel account and  delete the directory public_html, and then  rename the html directory as public_html
18 transfer your config files from your local PC  to your  server.