How to install ASPmail on Win 2000/2003 Server?

asked Aug 31, 2012 in Dedicated Hosting by Dan_31 (910 points)
Hi everyone,

Can someone please explain how to install ASPmail on Win 2000/2003 server?
Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

1 Answer

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answered Aug 31, 2012 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
1.First you need to purchase the license and then you have to download the component to the server.
2.Once you have the component downloaded on your server, unzip it’s files in a temporary directory on the server.
3.Now copy the ‘smtpsvg.dll’ file to the directory system32  located in c:\winnt or c:\windows
4.Open a command prompt window.
5.Type cd\windows\system32 cd\winnt\system32 to change directory to the system32
6.Type regsvr32 smtpsvg.dll  to register the ASPMail Component.
7.close the cmd prompt window by typing exit.