How to cut a circle in Adobe Illustrator

asked Oct 29, 2013 in Graphic Design by rooby (560 points)
Hi all,
I am using Adobe Illustrator and I want to cut a circle to into 8 equal sections. So first I created the circle and then I made lines vertical and horizontal. Then rotate the two lines 45 degrees.
and then used pathfinder to divide them.  When I enlarged the circle I noticed that there is some empty space between the pieces and they were not aligned. I would appreciate it if some one can tell me a better way to do this
Thanks for your time

1 Answer

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answered Oct 29, 2013 by dona (4,540 points)
If your need to divide your circle, simply use the tool “polar grid” for making the circle. Then  set it as 8 radial dividers and  0 concentric.