How to add read more tag in a WordPress post

asked Jan 31, 2013 in Website Builder by MirrorXYZ (1,400 points)
Hi there..
I want only part of my post to be visible and the rest to display when a user presses on a read more link. Can anyone please tell me how to get this function working in my site. Note that I am using WordPress 3.5.
Many thanks in advanced

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answered Jan 31, 2013 by expert (14,380 points)
Go to your WordPress dashboard and select the post you want and click on Edit, and then put your cursor where you want the 'Read more' tag to start and then from the visual editor tool bar search for something called 'insert more tag' and click it or press Shift+Alt+T.
commented Jan 31, 2013 by MirrorXYZ (1,400 points)
thanks expert