How many backups should I keep?

asked Aug 25, 2012 in Security by sally23 (1,250 points)
Hi all..

I have a website and I want to take regular backups, just to be on the safe side.I was wondering, what is the ideal number of backups that one should keep?

Thanks in advanced

2 Answers

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answered Aug 25, 2012 by ZakWeb (3,880 points)
You should backup everything on your website. I personally prefer doing a purge redundant daily non-milestone database backups every few months in a data audit. However if you edit your site more frequently then it is suggested that you do more frequent backups.
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answered Aug 25, 2012 by TopNet (10,360 points)
I suggest that once a week  you  do a full system copy for all drives and partitions to an external USB drive