How is identity thefts performed online?

asked Jan 1, 2014 in Security by chris (500 points)
Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about online identity thefts. Does this happen through email hacking? Or are there other ways too?How are these types of thefts done online?

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answered Jan 1, 2014 by lightSpeed (2,420 points)
There are many techniques used for identity thefts online in addition to email hacking such as
•Keylogging  which are malicious S/Ws that attach to your OS and the starts recording your computer usage for typed Passwords and Usernames, webpages viewed, Video and voice conversations and then sends them back to the hacker.
•Temporary Files browsing  which is when you have too much information about you in your computer in your temporary files and your cached documents copies which are used by malicious software.
• Large Data Systems hacking which has people’s personal information like Bank Databases, or Social Networking websites.
•Fake Job Offers where you would end up sending your information with your CV
•Social Networks browsing where your unprotected profile can be browsed