How do seo and ppc work together?

asked Jan 5, 2013 in Security by Elin Griffan (300 points)
How do seo and ppc work together?

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answered Jan 5, 2013 by Jaquelyn Titone (720 points)
With extensive PPC advertising knowledge you can start your own setup of pay per click advertising and you can get unlimited benefits from it.If you are going for ppc campaign management service providing companies to get the services so you must keep in mind that it is an advertising tool which requires some extra budget.Internet marketing is not only the requirement of a single business owner, it is the need of every businessman for the improvement of his business. If you know well about it so you can give your profile ad on a platform from where you can get the job of pay per click advertisin.
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answered Dec 18, 2013 by bypassed (820 points)
You can increase pagerank by article or blog submission,social media,affiliate marketing,SEO methods,PPC etc.SEO is the best and steady way to improve a site's page rank.It uses techniques like inclusion of suggested keywords/topics, submission to search engines,directories, creating a sitemap creator.In this way the pagerank increase is focused and the result is, when someone types your product or service's key words into a search engine if the site lists in the first page then chances are there that the user might visit the website.In short SEO is the best way to promote site and gain your desired web presence.

I insist that PPC is the best and quick way to improve an e-commerce site's page rank.Here, the respective website is advertised in search engine result page..this enables people to come across of the new product/service that has been started.

Thus SEO and PPC can drive in good traffic and pagerank.I use the PPC(Pay per Click) from as they advertise my site to major search engines.Standard SEO is also included in the plan that I have chosen hence I get the suggested keywords that people use to search and included it in my site.I set my advertisement budget,they created a custom ad and Web page and managed themselves thereby assisting me technical wise. I have more visitors by availing their service.