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how do i redirect site to new URL in yahoo web hosting advanced?

Dec 10, 2013 by anonymous
I just upgraded from Yahoo Business Mail to Yahoo Web hosting advanced because I exceeded 10 email accounts so had to upgrade.  Before upgrade, I had the domain for my email and websiste wwww.domain.com redirected to another site/domain that has my actual website myname.company.com.  After upgrading to Yahoo Web hosting, i went into the domain control panel to ensure my redirect was still in place.   BUT.. now.. the menu option to redirect the website to another URL is longer there!!!  Help!!!  Because I have NO web presence without the redirect.  Is there some other way for me to do to this.  I do NOT and will NOT use yahoo to host a website and I am not a programmer at all/website developer person. I am just an end user with no technical knowledge and am full of anxiety, because my published/marketing website address... of myname.company.com is published everywhere as I am a real estate agent.   I am on hold with Yahoo (yet again - it was over 6 hours between yesterday and this morning for them to assure me that yahoo web hosting advanced was the only way for me to get more email addresses and that ABSOLUTELY nothing would change for my email accounts or website.. And now I am on hold for almost another 40 minutes and am going insane.. All I want to do is redirect domain to another URL UNRELATED to this domain... Are there work arounds?  Help.. please.  THANK YOU ALL SO much!

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Dec 11, 2013 by necser
You need to edit DNS records. Yahoo has its own interface. Best is to contact their support