How can I wrap text around my Featured image thumbnails?

asked Feb 12, 2013 in Website Builder by SaraSX (2,770 points)
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Hi all..
I am using WordPress 3.5.1 and running the Twenty Eleven theme. I was finally able to add featured image thumbnails into my posts. Now I have another issue. I don’t know how to wrap the text around the thumbnails, can anyone please help me?
Thanks in advanced

2 Answers

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answered Feb 12, 2013 by expert (14,380 points)
You need to modify the thumbnail style in your style.css file.
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answered Feb 12, 2013 by WebProX (12,200 points)
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It depends on how you want it to look and where your thumbnail is placed. You have to adapt a suitable style and insert it in the style.css file to wrap the header and the post meta data around your thumbnail. Try adding  something like this to the end of your style.css file ( it’s better to work on a child theme when making such modificatios)

.attachment-post-thumbnail { float: left; margin-right: 4%; margin-top: 15px; }
h1.entry-title { clear: none; }
.entry-meta { clear: none; }
 .entry-content { clear: both; }