How can I upload files successfully?

asked Mar 4, 2012 in General by Karen (630 points)
hi all,

I've been trying to upload some files to my website but I keep getting the message  "permission denied" , can anyone help me solve this

2 Answers

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answered Mar 4, 2012 by tareq101 (4,880 points)
hello Karen,

you may be trying to upload your files to the wrong folder on the server, and you do not have permission to upload files to that folder because it's not the proper location to put files. Double-check the instructions from your web hosting provider to make sure you're uploading to the correct folder for website files.
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answered Mar 9, 2012 by Yuriy (1,340 points)
First of all please ensure that you're uploading files to the correct folder.
Secondly it needs to be ensured that folder where you're uploading your files has correct write permissions.