How can I transfer my website to a different domain?

asked Mar 3, 2012 in General by webenquirer (120 points)
How can I transfer my website to a different domain?

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answered Mar 3, 2012 by James_R (300 points)
1.First you need to make sure that your domain is active and have been registered for more than 60 days.

2.Then you need to apply for a transfer to the registrar that you intend to move your domain over to.
3.The registrar will contact the administrator of your domain.
4.Upon receiving the email notification, the administrator of your domain has to agree to accept the transfer.
5.when the email has been accepted, your transfer is effectively in progress
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answered Mar 9, 2012 by Yuriy (1,340 points)
1. Buy a domain name.
2. Host it somewhere (other words buy a appropriate hosting for it)
3. Backup all your webcontent and DBs
4. Deploy your webcontent and DBs on another hosting platform.

Quite easy, eh ?
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answered Jul 10, 2013 by kolis (140 points)
To transfer domain name you need to get authentication code or domain unlock code or EPP code from the current provider.After getting the code you can give to new provider like  your domain name get transferred with 7 days.This process is known as Domain name transfer.You can check domain name owner details,domain name provider,name server details,register and expire date using the whois lookup at
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answered Oct 20, 2014 by danicaelias (180 points)
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Transferring website to a different domain name is a straightforward process but you have to wait for the approval of transfer. During the process, old registrar and new one remains in contact and the process varies according to them. There are many websites like etc. provides variety of domain names; you need to read their support pages for exact instructions. You may take help of online tutorials available on YouTube or many other website that will guide you in the right direction.