Hiding Product Price in Magento

asked Nov 20, 2013 in E-commerce by Maria (1,020 points)
Hi all
I am using Magento and I am looking for a way to hide the price of products. I don’t want to display the prices right away. Can anyone please help me achieve this?

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answered Nov 20, 2013 by validnet (1,140 points)
Try the following
1. Open the list.phtml file located under app/design/frontend/default/custom_theme/template/catalog/product/
 2. Search for the bellow line and comment it
<?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($_product, true) ?>
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answered Nov 20, 2013 by TheRock (920 points)
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answered May 2, 2014 by perrysun (680 points)
Hi! I use that extension for hiding price http://amasty.com/customer-group-catalog.html
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answered Sep 15, 2014 by brianmagento (400 points)
Hi, you may take a look at 6th tip in this article to hide price of product

http://minivps.vn/ - cung cấp vps giá rẻ tốt nhất Việt Nam
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answered Mar 12, 2015 by simonwalker (220 points)
Here is a extension that will hide product prices and places "Call For Price" button to let users ask for the price,.
See its demo here - http://www.fmeextensions.com/magento-hide-call-for-price.html
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answered Jun 17, 2016 by smithpatel (140 points)
I know it is to late to answer this question. But I found one Magento 2 extension for this. Hope it will be useful to someone. Hide Product Price Extension for Magento 2 https://www.solwininfotech.com/product/magento-2-extensions/hide-product-price-magento-2/