"Has anyone tried gender selection like PGD? "

asked Feb 28, 2013 in Security by Arletter (140 points)
"Has anyone tried gender selection like PGD?


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answered Feb 28, 2013 by Jaquelyn Titone (720 points)
"PGD or selecting the gender of a kid is not legal in the UK but many go abroad just to have a chance to select the gender of their kid. I have not tried it but a close friend of mine did and I was told that they did conceive a baby boy they want. The believed that their having the desired gender of their kid is a result of the procedure that they did but can one really be sure? My friend underwent some procedures and techniques to help her get the gender she wants for her baby. Some say shettles method is an effective one and is a proven technique to conceive a child with the gender you want. Visit gender selection to gather important information about sex selection. http://www.ukcfa.co.uk/