Google's free SMTP server

asked May 6, 2012 in Email by Alpha2 (880 points)
hi all
I want to use Google’s SMTP server. I have a Gmail account that I’ve been using for few years now, but I don’t know how to set up the SMTP. Also can I use my old Gmail account or do I need to open a new one?
Appreciate your support.

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answered May 6, 2012 by TopNet (10,360 points)
You don’t have to register a new account on Gmail, you can use your existing account.
You need to configure your mail client to use GMail for outgoing mail server.
•Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
•Use Authentication: Yes
•Use Secure Connection: Yes
•Username: your GMail account
•Password: your GMail password
•Port: 465 or 587