For those of you that have a home business what is your biggest challenge?

asked Dec 19, 2012 in Security by Elin Griffan (300 points)
For those of you that have a home business what is your biggest challenge?

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answered Dec 19, 2012 by Jaquelyn Titone (720 points)
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answered Nov 6, 2013 by bypassed (820 points)
Well...I work from my home and have been into online business for the past few years,I do reselling business with and the biggest challenge I faced was choosing the appropriate business that would work for me...Since there are many was quite difficult to find a legit, low investment business.Then it was difficult to manage the timings at first then after proper planning I was able to adapt to the leisure timings...that is all I did not face much challenge than the above said...Infact working from home has many advantages, from being our own boss,the personal freedom that we can enjoy,
spend more time with friends and family,and mainly its a creative outlet that boosts our confidence.