Enable the firewall in Plesk

asked May 22, 2012 in General by Dan_31 (910 points)
Can anyone tell me a simple way for installing and enabling the firewall module in Plesk?
thanks in advanced

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answered May 22, 2012 by lionhost (4,060 points)
1.Open a web browser and connect to your Plesk Control Panel
2.Login as the Administrator using the information sent to in the initial setup email.
3.Click the Modules link on the left hand side of the screen. If you see an icon on the next screen that is Firewall, click it to setup the firewall rules. Otherwise, follow the steps below to install the firewall module.
4.To install the firewall module, go to Server > Updater.
5.This will list the available updates for Plesk. Click the link that matches your current Plesk version. There is a green check mark next to the version you have current installed.
6.You will then see a list of all services that are installed and can be installed. Scroll down to the service named Plesk Firewall module and check the checkbox next to it. Then click the Install link.
7.A confirmation page will then be shown. Check the box for Yes, I wish to install these components and click OK.
8.After a few minutes, the system administrator will receive an email stating the success or failure of the install. If successful, the icon for Firewall under Server > Modules will be available.
9.Click the button under Modules for the firewall. The first screen will display a list of the default firewall rules setup for Plesk
10.Click the Edit Firewall Configuration icon to edit the firewall rules. Then click the Add Custom Rule icon.
11.The custom rule screen will allow entering in the name of the rule. Enter in the information and click OK.
12.After adding the rule, you will receive a warning stating that the action has not been applied. Click the Activate icon in order to apply the rule. The rule will be applied instantly.
13.To remove the rule, click the checkbox next to the rule and click Remove Selected. Then click OK to accept the removal of the rule and once again click Activate to apply the changes.