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asked Nov 8, 2013 in Website Builder by carebare (1,420 points)
Greetings all
I want to create views block that display related content, based on similar and related taxonomy terms of the current displaying node. I have searched google and went through a number of tutorials but none of them explained what I need to know. If anyone knows how to do this, please help.
Any suggestions are appreciated
Many thanks

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answered Nov 8, 2013 by RalphK (5,800 points)
Try out this module https://drupal.org/project/similarterms
I think it can give you want you are looking for
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answered Nov 8, 2013 by randy999 (4,520 points)
Do the following
1.Add a contextual filter
2.Make a taxonomy term ID
3.Add a default value
4.Make a Taxonomy ID from  the URL
5.enable the option- "Load default filter from node page”