Drupal 7/ when I enabling Clean URLs my website pages give infinite loops error

asked Dec 7, 2013 in Website Builder by DruNew (1,930 points)
Hi all,
I am running Drupal 7 and I recently enabled the Clean URls  for SEO reasons. After enabling the clean URLs I noticed that I was no longer able to access any page in my website except for the home page. Any other page that I try gives an infinite redirects errir.
What should I do to fix this??
Please help
Thank you

1 Answer

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answered Dec 7, 2013 by RalphK (5,800 points)
Try going to yourdomainname.com/?q=admin/config/search/clean-urls (drupal7) and check the error message displayed here. If your server doesn’t support the mode_rewrite you can then uncheck the clean url.