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asked May 15, 2013 in Website Builder by DruNew (1,930 points)
Hi all
I have an inquiry about Drupal 7. I want to know built in solutions for Drupal 7 SQL injection prevention. I’ve searched for this info but I wasn’t able to find anything productive. Any information would be appreciated
Many thanks

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answered May 15, 2013 by RalphK (5,800 points)
Views is a module that uses t API.If you use the views filters, the user data will be parameterized to prevent any SQL injection before it actually hits the engine.
This doc shows how to use pass arguments in SQL calls
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answered May 15, 2013 by randy999 (4,520 points)
If you want to integrate tables with Views, you have to  first introduce tables to Views
Drupal 7 uses PDO when connecting or when using query tables as sanitizing.