Dropdown Menu not working on my WP site

asked Nov 8, 2012 in Website Builder by SaraSX (2,770 points)
I  am using my own theme which I built with the Twentyten theme. My problem is that the dropdown menu doesn’t work right. When the dropdown menu is clicked the menu that drops goes behind the page’s contents. Does anyone know how can I fix my dropdown menu? Any help would be really appreciated.
Many thanks

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answered Nov 8, 2012 by WebProX (12,200 points)
This is most probably a CSS issue. Make sure your Z-index is navigated within this div, otherwise it wont work
 <div class="positioncontent" id="page_positioncontent">
Z-index won't work as long as your navigation is within this div
Also make sure that your z-index has overflow visible and clear (both).Good luck