Does Hostgator provide customer support for their Reseller plans?

asked Feb 28, 2012 in Shared Hosting by Tom (150 points)
edited Mar 2, 2012 by qa_aq
I want to sell hosting based on the Hosgator reseller plans, but I have a question. Once I get a cutomer do I need to provide the customer support or Hostgator will take care of every Cpanel account in my WHM?

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answered Feb 28, 2012 by Mtravel (440 points)
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No, they do not. You are responsible for providing customer support to your own customers. Of course you can collect their tickets and submit them as your own in the Hostgator ticket system, but this is quite tedious, and also you can do it with 10 customers , not with 100.
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answered Feb 28, 2012 by Awardin (140 points)
Tom, you should get some experience with customer support in the hosting industry before you try to sell to other people. I recommend getting a dedi server, playing with some operating systems, virtualization environments etc. first and when you feel ready get a few customers solve their problems for a while and expand.
commented Feb 28, 2012 by Tom (150 points)
I honestly don't think I need all that to get in the costing business! I just asked about reseller accounts, not VMware and Xen blade farms.