Disable Joomla 3 Mobile Firendly Optimization

asked Oct 19, 2013 in Website Builder by Donald (2,780 points)
Hi all,
 Can anyone please tell me how can I turn-off or disable the joomla 3.0 mobile webpage optimization . I want my site to display as it does in desktops even if views from  mobile devices. currently , the website is resized and switches to mobile mode automatically when viewed through mobile devices.
It tried to remove the bootstarp codes from my index.php file with no avail. Can anyone please help?
Note that I am using 3.1.1 stock beez3 template
Thanks in advance

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answered Oct 19, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
locate the file index.php in your template folder then open the fie using any text editing program. Then go to line 75 and you should see this code
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=3.0, user-scalable=yes"/>
The  <meta name="viewport" constrains your page down for mobile devices. You can remove this part. And if you also want to remove the responsive functionality then go to line 66 and look for any css or .js or containing "responsive", "respond," or "resp" and remove that.
make sure to make a backup of the index.php before you make any changes.