Dedicated server backup and failover strategy

asked Apr 15, 2012 in Dedicated Hosting by backupq (120 points)

I'm trying to plan out a failover strategy which would be the quick recovery solution to use in cases of major failure. We have a  cPanel dedicated server as our  data center and my aim is to have the minimum down time as possible. For that I would need a reliable failover strategy, that would help me restore everything to normal in a quick and simple manner.

I am currently considering 2 options;
1.R1 backup solution, and then if I need to move to backup hardware, I would do a bare metal restore. How long does a restore take, assuming the size is around 90GB of data?
2.Use a sync option, such as Rsync for file system, and MySQL replication for the MySQL sync. The goal would be to have an exact mirror, including same hostname and all, that is connected to the primary server on an internal LAN. So,  we could pull the WAN cable out of the primary and move it to the secondary, and it would be an identical copy of the one that just failed

What do you guys think?Thanks

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answered Apr 15, 2012 by mike231 (2,480 points)
All types of restores are likely to take several hours no matter how you do it. R1soft with bare metal restore works well, and if you do it with the backup and restore server both connected on a gigabit network, it should perform decently enough. If you need a restore that's faster than a few hours, you'll need a hot spare server basically.
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answered Apr 15, 2012 by WebProX (12,200 points)

You can also consider having a second server with cpanel installed, and copy over cpanel packages nightly, along with possibly including some MySQL dumps during the day. In a failure, you could restore the latest cpanel packages, and restore any MySQL dumps since last full account backup, and bring the backup server online.
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answered Apr 15, 2012 by expert (14,380 points)
you can consider
1. Onsite backup, for this a second server with a trial cpanel license (that you can activate when you need) with daily cpanel backup from the main server.this option is less expensive.
2. Offsite backup.This will be ideal just in case you have a major problem in the current location but it will cost more.