convert my old HTML website to Joomla

asked Jun 30, 2012 in General by JoomAp (5,660 points)
Hi all

I have an old HTML website and I want to convert it to Joomla. The website is around 16 pages and I don’t have any videos, however there are many images and tables in it. Can someone please tell me the easiest and most convenient way to convert my website to joomla?

Thanks in advanced

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answered Jun 30, 2012 by TopNet (10,360 points)
since you dont have too many pages you can do this by copying your entire html content into a joomla article one by one
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answered Jun 30, 2012 by WebProX (12,200 points)
follow the below steps;
1.Install Joomla
2.Create a Template or you can use the default joomla template.
3.Start Migrating Content into the template.
4. Take a backup of the old website and Upload the new joomla site