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asked Nov 2, 2016 in VPS Hosting by iamine (120 points)

i'm running a website for (GIF's) image on a VPS server with this performance:

CPU: four cores
14 GB RAM (guaranteed)
1000 GB disk space (SSD-boosted)
SSD boost

but when i recieve an amout of 100 visitors online at the same time the server get slow and crash

Wich server is good for that ?

NOTE: i recieve about 500 visitors online at the same time, and i load GIF's from the same server

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answered Feb 16, 2017 by Moonim মুনিম Pollob (500 points)
Your package seems nice for a media website. But as per your problem, I understand that your actual problem is with your bandwidth.
Your bandwidth is not sufficient for your website.
1ST you need to increase your bandwidth. Best practice as per your case is increasing your bandwidth six times of your current bandwidth. You just need to ask your hosting provider to do this. They will increase that. I do not think you really need to change your current server.

Thanks and Good day
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answered Feb 16, 2017 by Swapnil Jadhav (500 points)
Hello iamine ,
for you media website you can use linux media servers. You can share your music, videos, and photos on your network via regular folder shares, but using a media server gives you additional functionality and lets you stream to more devices. A Linux media server has a home in the enterprise because it's a superior tool for storing, archiving, and sharing company multimedia presentations.
so here you can use MediaTomb which is cheap and best check here
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