cheap high storage VPS

asked Mar 9, 2014 in VPS Hosting by biba23 (340 points)
Hi all
 I am looking for a hosting VPS solution with at least  512 MB ram, at least 100 GB HDD, 1TB bandwidth.  I would really appreciate any suggestions.
Many thanks in advanced

3 Answers

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answered Mar 9, 2014 by TheRock (920 points)
Try . they have  250 GB plan starting at $10 per month . you can also search for a promo  code and you might find a better
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answered Mar 9, 2014 by tareq101 (4,880 points)
You can also try or
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answered Jun 6, 2014 by 5star (380 points)
Hi if you need vps hosting you can visit this site  here they are providing various vps hosting plan. You can choose any one depending upon your needs and requirements. They are providing good customer support and quality service.