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changing the Login form text links color in Joomla 3

Aug 27, 2013 by deepa1
I have a Joomla site and I want to change the Login form text links color for the “Create an account”  and  “Forgot password” text link? I tried changing it from my template CSS file but I couldn’t Can anyone please advice


2 Answers

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Aug 27, 2013 by JoomAp
You can use Firebug  to find which CSS is determining the  colors for text links. check this
You can create your unique .css file then add it to your template. You should redo the a:active a, a:hover and a:visited at the end where you have your color .
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Aug 27, 2013 by FixHost
you can also create a special module for your login only and edit  anything you need to from there.