Changing page URL to category URL in a WP site

asked Nov 9, 2012 in Website Builder by DinoGuy (2,130 points)
Hello all..
I have a WP site and I am looking for a way to change a page’s permalink to a category URL. So for example if I have the page P1 with the permalink http://www.mysite/P1and if I have a category CAT1 with the permalink http://www.mysite/category/CAT1 , then I want my page P1 to have the permalink http://www.mysite/category/CAT1
Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
Thanks in advanced

1 Answer

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answered Nov 9, 2012 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
Try  creating a page called Category and also create another page CAT1, placing CAT1 under the Category pag. This will give category/cat URL.
Also try rewriting your  url via htaccess.  This will explain how to do it.