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Centos 6.4/Installing GRUB in software raid 1

Dec 24, 2013 by TheRock

I recently installed Centos 6.4 with two hard disks, and I want to install grub now on the two RAID-1 hard disks. I will be using one drive and  in case it fails I am keeping the other one.
How can I do this?
Can anyone please help
 thank you

2 Answers

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Dec 24, 2013 by darkshark
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Dec 24, 2013 by FixHost
1.I use the CentOS CD to boot into the Linuxrescue. Check your  master boot record from here.
2. open the grub and locate the grub.conf file
edit the following like this:
 root  as (hd0,2)
setup as (hd0)
root as (hd1,2)
setup as (hd1)
3.save and close the file