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asked Nov 28, 2013 in Website Builder by sally23 (1,250 points)
I recently got a new domain and new hosting for this domain. I started uploading some files using my cPanel and an ftp client. Then I tried going to my homepage, but all I see is loading message. It keeps showing that and never actually loads. Then I tried to login again to my cPanel, but I got a message saying that this page isn’t available. I tried using a free vpn called hotspotshield and tried login in and it worked? Why is this happening? Any help is appreciated

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answered Nov 28, 2013 by TopNet (10,360 points)
Looks like your IP address is blocked by the firewall of the server. Contact yout hosting provider and give them your IP Address and ask them to unblock you. You should also ask what is the reason for blocking your IP. Good luck