Cannot access my listed email account

asked Nov 6, 2013 in Email by sally23 (1,250 points)

I have this mail account that I have been using for the last few months. the quota for this account was initially 200 and I lately changed it to 500mb
and added 2 other email accounts one unlimited and the other 200mb. My problem now is that I am unable to access my I can see it in the email list and it shows its current size but I am not able to access it.
Any suggestions as how can I fix this?
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commented Dec 11, 2013 by consolepark (620 points)
What about the email support. Do you considered this case if does than what happen. You need a email server that not only easily mange your work, but if you face any problem in future like this than you can easily remove your tension with the help of your email service provider. If you are interested than you can go through the that not only provide you 24*7*365 support, but also gives you the power to mange your work.

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answered Nov 6, 2013 by tareq101 (4,880 points)
check if your email account authentication is blocked by cPhulkd. This could be preventing authentication.