Block uploads by file type in linux

asked May 13, 2012 in General by citrix345 (380 points)
Hello all
I am using linux, and I want to block uploads based on specific file types (CFM and PHP file types on the file extension). Can anyone please help me find a way to do this?
Thanks in advanced

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answered May 13, 2012 by WebProX (12,200 points)
Hello citrix

You can block uploads by file type using dotDefender in Linux
1.Open the dotDefender interface and browse to the Security Profile of the domain.
2.Select Settings.
3.Open the Whitelist category.
4.Add a new rule with the following parameters:
oFilter: SecFilterSelective
oLocation: FILES_NAMES
oKeyword: ^.*\.(php|cfm)$
oAction: Deny
5.Press the Add button.
6.Return to the main page and press the Refresh setting button for changes to take effect.