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asked Jul 19, 2012 in Shared Hosting by anonymous
Good day everyone,

i want to inform everyone about hosting company BigMatt . - official website of the company.
I'm one ex client of this scammers - they suspended my account for "High Load" CPU usage on second day, without any warning !! When i asked for some logs or information - they just told me that didn't have any - just system told them that my website use too much CPU usage.

Do you think that is reasoable reason ?

Exact website wass on 2 other hostings and i didn't had any problems from this type. Which bring me to suggestion that they have lower parameters of it's server configurations and terrible atitude to clients.

When my accout wass suspended i waited 15 hours for single respond of my ticket - and this is called 24/7 Support ?

If you asking yourself "Can i trust to BigMatt hosting provider company"?
Answer is "NO no and no !"

For mine 6 years work with hosting providers - BigMatt hosting is number 1 of worst hosting services !!!

Post your comments too!
commented Oct 28, 2012 by Brian950 (100 points)
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Have a nice day

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answered Aug 9, 2012 by shaithis (140 points)
Obviously English isn't your first language my friend so let me help you out>

In a nutshell Bigmatt hosting is total crap. I the few months I have been with them they have lost two sites from my Cpanel and WHM, lost my details and then suspended my site because they had no details.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg there is a constant string of problems of one sort or another.

If you want to stay sane AVOID BIGMATT HOSTING AT ALL COSTS!!!