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asked Feb 11, 2015 in Domains by bad.donkey.english (150 points)
Hi, I'm a freelance teacher who has built a website through Wix. I just need a very basic hosting service so that I can own my domain name (and then reroute it through my Wix website). Suggestions, please?


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answered Feb 11, 2015 by necser (8,230 points)
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Hi, you don't need hosting for domain management.

You can use any registrar like Godaddy to manage your domain. Simply register or transfer the domain to Godaddy and set the new DNS records to your Wix website.

I would avoid having the domain with the hosting company (like Wix, iPage, Fatcow...) as they make it very difficult to transfer the domain elsewhere or manage DNS records. I manage all my domains with Godaddy and then change DNS records easily in one place while moving my websites between hosting companies. Their domain products are great. I would stay away form GoDaddy's hosting products though ;)
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answered Feb 13, 2015 by KratikaJordan (550 points)
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Hi there Solon,

It depends on what your needs actually are, and then you need to check if your web hosting provider checks all the features you are looking for your website compatibility.

I too would suggest that you use the tool here, pretty good, and might help you out:

Have used iPage in the past too are they’re great as well!
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answered Apr 10, 2015 by VargheseAbraham (740 points)
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There is no requirement to get a hosting package, if you only want to get a domain name. You can easily register your desired domain name with some popular registrar like ZNetlive , GoDaddy or BigRock.

After getting a domain, you just need to set the DNS records, to redirect it to another domain, from the control panel you get from your registrar.

All the three registrars mentioned above are very reliable and offers dedicated support in case you need help with managing your domain.