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Best Networking and server monitoring tools

Apr 5, 2012 by redBee
Hi there,

Can I have some suggestions on the best networking and server monitoring tools available online?

thanks a lot
up.time is a good server monitoring, network monitoring and application monitoring tool. I think you can try it for free for 30-days: http://www.uptimesoftware.com
Try MindArray IPM's free Network and server monitoring tools - http://www.mindarraysystems.com/

3 Answers

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Apr 5, 2012 by lionhost
Nagios – Network Monitoring Software: http://www.nagios.org
Cacti – Network Monitoring Software: http://www.cacti.net
Server monitoring tool :http://www.uptimesoftware.com/server-monitoring.php
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Apr 5, 2012 by necser
also http://www.myhostinguptime.com/ is a great tool to be notified immediately if your site is down.

The also collect the real uptime data for the hosting companies.
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Apr 5, 2012 by RalphK