AS-SET Hierarchical and non-hierarchical

asked Jan 28, 2014 in General by Jake (580 points)
Hello all

A client of mine wants to peer with my BGP Routers for their IP announcement under the AS. My provider advised that I include my AS and the client's AS under our main AS Set in addition to creating a route object for the client’s Prefix.

I noticed that there is a Hierarchical  AS-Set and  a non-hierarchical AS-SET  but I am not sure which one should I use and what is the difference between them. I would appreciate any insight on this

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answered Jan 28, 2014 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
You can use any way, Hierarchical or non hierarchical. Just make sure that there is no one else using it already. And that you list your ASN as a memember.
it's simply a string and it depends on your preference, and its only based on the naming conventions.