Has anyone encountered a network breach via email from 1and1 hosting in dec 2013 or jan 2014?

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company i worked for had a security breach via an email via their corporate webhosting company.  There was a ***VIRUS ALERT*** email in my inbox.  The next email that appeared was from another employee sending a general email asking if anyone had sent a document scan request - that whoever did failed to attach the document to be scanned.  That was a normal course of business email and I opened it to see if the it was my docscan request.  When I checked my email the next time, I discovered the email had repeated itself several times.  I realized then that it had to be part of a virus.  I immediately called a co-worker who told me that everyone was receiving the same emails.  I told her not to open it.   

A few days later, my laptop started acting up and I contacted my tech subscriber to analyze.  I was told that someone else had logged into my network but nothing had been removed from my laptop yet.  This is a highly serious situation given the nature of the work.

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answered Feb 1, 2014 by necser (8,230 points)
Very interesting. No, we did not see any responses in regrads to ve virus...

but I see that Angele Blank (NY) left this review on January 12, 2014:


Their email servers are constantly being black listed and they cannot do much about it. Your emails will bounce back and get marked as Spam on a monthly basis and you'll have to keep calling in and nothing will be done as they have no control over their crappy email server. This has been an ongoing problem for over 6 mths now. You get what you pay for- if you sign up with them you will regret it.

all the reviews are here: