Any useful offers available for shared hosting?

asked Apr 16, 2015 in Shared Hosting by VargheseAbraham (740 points)
I am looking to get my website hosted on a shared hosting account. But, I cannot find any economical offer till now. I don’t want to spend much on it, so please suggest some cheap deal that you know of.

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answered Apr 24, 2015 by ZNetLive (660 points)
Here’s a special discount coupon for getting a flat 40 % discount on Shared Web Hosting from ZNetLive.

The coupon code is APRILSH40

You just need to apply this coupon code while purchasing a Shared Web Hosting package from ZNetLive.
Click on the link to check out the plans and pricing of ZNetLive’s Shared Web Hosting and then proceed to get a flat 40 % discount.

Note - This discount coupon is valid only for the month of April 2015. Also, it is applicable only for your 1st invoice with ZNetLive.