Another WordPress 3.7 upgrading problem

asked Oct 29, 2013 in Website Builder by SaraSX (2,770 points)
Hi all
It seems that I am getting a lot of issues with this new upgrade. Since I upgrading from wordpress 3.6.2 to  WP 3.7 I have been getting this warning message about Missing argument 3 for the wpseo_upgrader_process_complete() and this path is displayed /home/my-directory/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/inc/wpseo-non-ajax-functions.php.
Can anyone please help?
Many Thanks.

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answered Oct 29, 2013 by expert (14,380 points)
This will not affect the performance of your plugin or anything else. It will only affect the update plugins->themes->core . so you can either wait for the next version of WP where this issue should be fixed or you can apply this fix