Ajax and PHP- How to change textbox value based on dropdown list with

asked May 8, 2012 in General by A007
hi, Does anyone know how to change the value of the textbox using Ajax and PHP, based on changing the value of the dropdown list. I have a list of currencies of countries. I want the value of the text book to change every time the value pf the dropdown list changes.
Can anyone please help me do this?
Thank you

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answered May 8, 2012 by expert
try this code

<select name="country" onChange="getCurrencyCode('find_ccode.php?country='+this.value)">
 <option value="">Select Country</option>
        <option value="1">USA</option>
        <option value="2">UK</option>
        <option value="3">China</option>
<input type="text" name="cur_code" id="cur_code" >
JavaScript Code
function getCurrencyCode(strURL)
  var req = getXMLHTTP();
  if (req)
               req.onreadystatechange = function()
          if (req.readyState == 4)
          {                if (req.status == 200)
                        alert("There was a problem while using XMLHTTP:\n" + req.statusText);
        req.open("GET", strURL, true);
PHP code
        case "1" :
                echo "USD";
        case "2" :
                echo "GBP";
        case "3" :
                echo "YEN";