account creation problem in cPanel

asked Mar 19, 2014 in General by DinoGuy (2,130 points)
I have been trying to create a new account in my cPanelWHM as a root user or another reseller account but I keep getting an error that says that the accounts are created but the users cannot login. How can I resolve this? Can anyone please help
Many thanks

2 Answers

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answered Mar 19, 2014 by ZakWeb (3,880 points)
There might be some missing cPanel related files that are causing this issue. try force update of your cPanel using the command
/scripts/upcp --force
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answered Mar 19, 2014 by lightSpeed (2,420 points)
Yes, this is possible. Simply select  the plan you want to renew to and wait until it’s time to renew your subscription and the downgrade will be immediate .