Access to site backups

asked Nov 6, 2013 in General by Alpha2 (880 points)
hi all
 I would really appreciate any help on this
I have few websites and I use WHM/cPanel. My sited all have automatic backups. My issue is that I am not able to find these backups. I don’t recall making any settings and choosing where to save backups. I get an email saying  that backup was taken and its /backup/cpbackup/monthly/mydomainname.tar.gz  but I cant find this directory.I tried using FTP to look for the backups but no luck.
Can anyone please help

2 Answers

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answered Nov 6, 2013 by TopNet (10,360 points)
This path is an fixed and starts with the root directory of your server. It is not an account root directory. Your server administrator has direct access though, but as a site owner you can’t see it through FTP with your cPanel account's ID.
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answered Nov 6, 2013 by dona (4,540 points)
Try downloading your backup from cPanel. Go to your cpanel’s  "Backups" icon and you can select your backup and download it from there. Also check your cPanel profile  and set the right access level