Enabling pdo_mysql in cPanel

asked Feb 10, 2014 in General by jeremy (380 points)
Hello there
I am using WHM/cPanel and I want to enable pdo_mysql for my cPanel server. Is is possible to enable it in WHM itself or do I have to go to the command line? Can anyone please advise me how to do this?
Many thanks

2 Answers

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answered Feb 10, 2014 by validnet (1,140 points)
You will find this in the easyapache from either ssh or whm and ssh. But you will have to compile the php with the option enabled. Check this document
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answered Feb 10, 2014 by FixHost (12,380 points)
from your WHM, look for the option "EasyApache", and then run it and you can use the current configuration  for the Easy Apache until you see the page containing the PHP configuration options. From there search for the PDO and its related dependencies